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🔞 Hello! Just call me Borti! I’m the sole member of OviManic: a game company focusing on a growing project known as OviVixen.
I was familiar with Newgrounds ever since the AOL days: Mario parodies were my favorites!
Hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

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Posted by OviManic - February 21st, 2021

Now I have the duty to compose full tracks for my games: not just little win and lose ditties! Got me my Flstudio, some alright instruments, and once I made a full song from there, I’m going to manually transfer it to my preferred tracker. Will I upload an orchestration version here? Maybe. But first I have go hard with my first track!

Okay, I know scales, I know chords, I know the point of melody, bass melody, beat and rhythm, I know most songs follow a pattern of four and/or eight, and I have a whole library of songs to draw inspiration from; now all I need is to sit my ass down and compose.

Let’s see, where to start? The main melody, the bass melody, or the beat......🤨.....😠.....😡.....🤬.....🤯.....

This is going to be trouble... BUT I WILL PERSEVERE!!



Posted by OviManic - January 4th, 2021

Yesterday, I have made a 24x36 printable poster of my game.

I have updated the page to fix up a few flaws and make it more presentable after print.

  • It's more exposed to make the colors pop out more during print
  • There was a tiny graphical error next to the hatching egg that I've ironed out
  • My company logo is smaller and positioned slightly closer to the center to prevent being obscured by bleed

Hope it looks better for you guys! Now I'm going back to game development for the time being!


Posted by OviManic - December 23rd, 2020


So I’m giving my game a bit of an NES coat of paint, and one of the “brushes” needed to give it such a dated sheen is to tighten the hell out of the colors shown in the game! 3 (3-color) palettes for the objects and 3 (3-color) palettes for the background tiles. Finally, there’s the colors themselves: I don’t know how they did it, but the NES is the only system I can recall that displays the muddiest shades of yellow I have ever seen in my life.

Yeah, the NES is definitely not my favorite system; but after this, I get to make the game based on the Master System: a console I have much fonder memories of!


Posted by OviManic - August 31st, 2020

Today, OviVixen is now a year older! Despite being my first game ever released, it had nearly 200 downloads! Seem small, but I feel a sense of accomplishment nonetheless! I’m already in the process of making more titles for this little franchise I’m cooking up, so I’m more than excited to show you guys what I have to offer! All titles I’m working on so far will be bundled in as updates for the “OviManic Emulator”; so as long as you have a copy of OviVixen, you’ll get the other titles at no charge!

The first game is OviVixen Arcade: the baby steps for the series! If you want to see a demo of this game, I posted a video about it right here on Newgrounds: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/763172 . I even fixed the two links that were supposed to redirect you guys to OviVixen’s official download sites. But here they are for your convenience!



I’m open to any feedback about this game! If you want to compliment, suggest, criticize, or outright bash the game, I’m all ears! This is Newgrounds, I know you folks aren’t afraid to be honest!

Thank you for reading, and I hope I can provide more entertainment for you guys to enjoy!

Borti from OviManic!


Posted by OviManic - August 18th, 2020

Allow me to introduce myself more properly.

Who am I?

Simply call me Borti, I'm a solo game developer who's working on a growing project titled OviVixen!

OviVixen starts as just an old-school arcade game; however, more content is going to be developed, and it's all going to be bundled in as one "emulator".

Why dip my toes into Newgrounds?

Newgrounds was actually my go-to site before YouTube came to be, but more as a viewer than a participant. The Mario Babies series was my absolute first videos I've seen; followed by more Mario-related flash videos and games. I fell in love with crass, unpredictable humor because of Newgrounds and have been embracing that style of humor to this day! There's an art to it, and it shouldn't be thrown by the wayside like yesterday's garbage! It's been a decade since I've last seen a video exclusive to this site, and I can't wait to see the library it has now: especially, since Twitter and Youtube are grabbing people by the nads tighter and tighter!


I'm here to stretch my legs and see what this community has to offer!

(Also to see if anyone here has some interest in my game)

Content that I post on YouTube, I will post here as well; fortunately, It's here that I will post uncensored versions in case I get picked in YouTube's dreadful demonetization lottery...

I'm open to any criticism; so, feel free to ask, comment, or criticize anything related to my work!