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Tablet’s Officially Dead

Yep, the Windows Surface Pro 2 that I had for over 10 years has finally bit the bullet. This is the tablet that I use to make both OviVixen Arcade and Master and throughout most of last year, signs of its inevitable demise was rearing their ugly heads.

  • The tablet’s original charging cord died: got it replaced with a 3rd party one.
  • The final update I had from Windows for 8.1 turned the tablet into a battery moron! It will assume 0% of battery life is actually 50% of battery life and it will spontaneously shut off upon reaching its assumed 50%.
  • It cannot charge anymore without a workaround. The charging cord has an extra USB port and the tablet needed both the initial charging connection and a USB connection to charge at the same time.
  • I can no longer use the tablet while it was charging. I have to allow it to charge for over 2 and half hours before I decide to risk running it again.

It was the same song and dance and it has really demotivated me from continuing with any of my projects. Tonight was when the unfortunate happened and something in the tablet prevented it from turning on properly. It first stayed stuck on the BIOS (TPM) screen and refused to leave it no matter how many times I restarted it. Eventually, I managed to get just the Automatic Repair menu to turn; but beyond that, the OS refuses to progress to the User Screen. In a slight glimmer of hope, I’ve managed to find a way to salvage the majority of my files into a flash drive from the Troubleshooting Menu.

Now it’s here that I say rest in peace to this wonky but trustworthy device of mine. I wouldn’t know how I would’ve progressed with anything art related without it! So because of its unfortunate end, I decided to put OviVixen development on hiatus until I managed to save up enough money for a new Surface and a better one at that! I have an idea of selling a set of digital wallpapers that I have been saving up for quite a while, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort to set up shop. If things go more than smoothly, I’ll get a tablet and resume OviVixen production by the end of August.

Until then, I wish you guys a magnificent summer!


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