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🔞 Hello! Just call me Borti! I’m the sole member of OviManic: a game company focusing on a growing project known as OviVixen.
I was familiar with Newgrounds ever since the AOL days: Mario parodies were my favorites!
Hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

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You can do it! :)

If you want more music theory training to help you with composing music, I happen to know a couple good resources for that :)

In regards to music, YouTube’s been helping me quite a lot recently! Following along FlStudio composers and seeing how things harmonize really gets me out of a few musical jams. But if you have a few resources that can help me out, feel free to share!

@EscapistProductions @OviManic If you can read sheet music, the YouTube channel Two Minute Music Theory and the website musictheory.net are good resources for music theory concepts. They both explain things really nicely and comprehensibly.

I’ll take a look at that! I’m currently setting up big reveal for Easter Sunday, so I’m juggling a few things as of right row. Right now, my main focus in regards to music is understanding basic composition with FlStudio and transferring them to trackers like FamiTracker and Deflemask: just a few simple tunes that is not too grating on the ears. Learning to read sheet music might need to be held back after Easter.

@EscapistProductions @OviManic @OviManic Completely understandable, haha! It's good to know how to use the program before you start applying it to things - I know this from my experiences of having to learn to use Reaper for audio mastering (and I'm still learning it!)

If you have used Flstudio before, how would you compare that to Reaper? While I’m learning Flstudio and gotten quite the hang of it, I don’t mind experimenting with other programs some time after Easter.

@EscapistProductions @OviManic @OviManic I unfortunately haven't used FLStudio before. I'm pretty new to creating electronic music, though I've wanted to, and have made unfinished attempts to, for some time. Sorry about that.

No worries, man! I was just curious.